Anticipatory Innovation Governance Model in Finland

Towards a New Way of Governing

image of Anticipatory Innovation Governance Model in Finland

This report examined how Finland has been incorporating anticipatory functions within its governance system to deal with complex and future challenges in a systemic way. The report applies a new model of anticipatory innovation governance (AIG), developed by the OECD, addressing a considerable gap in prior knowledge and guidance on how governments prepare for unknowable futures. It consists of three parts: an overview of the anticipatory innovation governance model; the assessment of the anticipatory innovation capacity of the Finnish Government; and the pilot case studies, where the principles and functions of the model are explored in practice.


Need for a new future-oriented model of governance

More than ever, policy environments are characterised by complex, uncertain, multi-causal contexts, where risk taking is limited and short-termism prevails. There is a need to introduce long-term perspectives and future-oriented decision making into policy and use strategic foresight to anticipate different futures.


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