Institutional Investors in Latin America

What is the current state of development of institutional investors in Latin America? What are the requirements of the financial infrastructure and the regulatory framework to encourage the growth of the institutional sector in Latin America? What policy expertise can Latin America and OECD countries share to benefit from each other’s experience in broadening the role of institutional investors? These questions were addressed during the Santiago workshop on "Institutional Investors in Latin America", organised in September 1999 by the OECD through its Centre for Co-operation with Non-Members and the Commission of the European Union in co-operation with the Chilean Government. This set of texts can constitute a reference work on institutional investment for policy makers and experts in the public sector, actors in the private sector, and academics in both emerging market economies and OECD countries.

21 Jul 2000 240 pages English Spanish 9789264182233 (PDF)

Authors: OECD