OECD Environment Policy Papers

Designed for a wide readership, the OECD Environment Policy Papers distil many of today’s environment-related policy issues based on a wide range of OECD work. In the form of country case studies or thematic reviews across countries, the Papers highlight practical implementation experience. They are available in either English or French, with a summary in the other language when possible.


Sustainable Financing for Marine Ecosystem Services in Mauritania and Guinea-Bissau

Country Study

This Policy Paper summarises key messages from the case study on European Union payments to Mauritania and Guinea-Bissau for the conservation of marine protected areas under the Fisheries Partnership Agreements. The detailed case study is available in the 2017 OECD report The Political Economy of Biodiversity Policy Reform. A separate “Policy Highlights” brochure, which distils key messages and lessons learned from the full report is also available.


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