Environment at a Glance Indicators

image of Environment at a Glance Indicators

This new web format for Environment at a Glance Indicators provides real-time interactive on-line access to the latest comparable OECD-country data on the environment from the OECD Core Set of Environmental Indicators – a tool to evaluate environmental performance in countries and to track the course towards sustainable development. The web version allows users to play with the data and graphics, download and share them, and consult and download thematic web-books. These indicators provide key messages on major environmental trends in areas such as climate change, biodiversity, water resources, air quality, circular economy and ocean resources. They are accompanied by a short Environment at a Glance report that presents a digest of the key messages stemming from the indicators.


Climate change

Emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from human activities disturb the radiative energy balance of the earth-atmosphere system. They exacerbate the natural greenhouse effect, leading to temperature changes and other disruption of the earth's climate. Land use changes and forestry also play a role by altering the amount of greenhouse gases captured or released by carbon sinks. Carbon dioxide (CO2) from the combustion of fossil fuels and deforestation is a major contributor to greenhouse gases. CO2 makes up the largest share of greenhouse gases and is a key factor in countries’ ability to mitigate climate change. National emissions are also affected by changes in global demand and supply patterns with increasing trade flows and the displacement of carbon-intensive production abroad. Reductions in domestic emissions can thus be partially or wholly offset elsewhere in the world.


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