OECD Green Growth Papers

The OECD Green Growth Strategy, launched in May 2011, provides concrete recommendations and measurement tools to support countries’ efforts to achieve economic growth and development, while at the same time ensure that natural assets continue to provide the ecosystems services on which our well-being relies. The strategy proposes a flexible policy framework that can be tailored to different country circumstances and stages of development. OECD Green Growth Papers complement the OECD Green Growth Studies series, and aim to stimulate discussion and analysis on specific topics and obtain feedback from interested audiences.


A review of “Transition Management” strategies

Lessons for advancing the green low-carbon transition

The paper discusses the implications of the low-carbon transition for workers and the relevant lessons-learnt in previous industrial restructuring experiences. The evidence suggests that, while climate policies are likely to have a modest impact on aggregate employment, workers in certain regions and industries can be more severely affected. The transition may also have gender-differentiated impacts: men represent the largest share of the workforce of most negatively affected industries (e.g. coal-mining) while the growth of the renewable power generation sector, which exhibits a relatively more gender-balanced workforce, suggests that female employment may increase in the traditionally male-dominated energy sector. Lessons from the case-studies underline that a suite of polices is necessary to manage the structural adjustment process, including structural reforms and skills policies. Importantly, the low-carbon transition differentiates itself from previous restructuring experiences because of its policy-driven nature and the possibility to finance structural adjustment measures through carbon-pricing revenues.


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