Hydrogen in Latin America

From near-term opportunities to large-scale deployment

International Energy Agency

The momentum for low-carbon hydrogen is growing in Latin America, with many countries currently developing long-term hydrogen strategies and a project pipeline of more than 25 projects, including several gigawatt-scale projects to export it beyond the region. In this report we analyse both the region’s potential to play a major role in the future low-carbon hydrogen landscape, and the role that low-carbon hydrogen could play in Latin America’s own clean energy transitions.

Low-carbon hydrogen deployment depends on many technologies that are still under development, and considerable cost reductions will be needed to enable it to reduce global emissions in applications that may not be suitable for director electrification. The next decade will be crucial for the long-term promise of lowcarbon hydrogen in Latin America, and much can be done today to develop and demonstrate emerging technologies and prepare the ground for their future scaling up. We conclude the report with a series of six recommendations for policy makers in Latin America to harness the potential of low-carbon hydrogen in the region.

21 Oct 2021 83 pages English

https://doi.org/10.1787/68467068-en 9789264395336 (PDF)

Author(s): International Energy Agency