Electricity Information 2002

International Energy Agency

This volume contains comprehensive information on the OECD electricity sector. There are over 700 pages on production, consumption, prices and trade in electricity. The report also contains coverage of heat production for OECD countries. The statistics cover 30 OECD countries, providing data for selected years.

Part I provides a detailed summary of the electricity and heat sectors, including production, installed capacity, consumption, electricity trade and prices for electricity and input fuels. These data are presented in a tabular format that permits easy analysis and comparison. Part I also provides a summary of gross electricity and heat production by country in non-OECD countries, including a breakdown of electricity and heat production by combustible fuels. Part II contains electricity data for each of the 30 OECD countries, and for eight OECD and IEA regional aggregates for selected years. It also contains projections for most of the OECD countries up to 2020. Each country section presents up to 21 tables containing a comprehensive statistical database on energy consumption, economic and population growth, electricity production and consumption, heat production, electricity imports and exports, sectoral energy and electricity consumption and prices for electricity and electricity input fuels. These data are official country data and projections reported each year to the IEA.