Clean Energy Transitions Programme

Annual report 2020

International Energy Agency

Since the launch of the Clean Energy Transitions Programme (CETP) in late 2017, the IEA has significantly expanded its work to help accelerate energy transitions in major emerging economies. The CETP is playing a critical role in supporting clean energy transitions, putting sustainable development at the heart of economic recovery measures and further strengthening the IEA family.

The CETP Annual Report 2020 highlights the programme’s main activities, presenting major outcomes and areas for further work as well as planned activities for 2021. It also summarises IEA activities related to clean energy transitions at a global level, and introduces new and innovative analyses and resources produced throughout the year.

The report initially provides an overview of the CETP’s objectives, then presents highlights of activities and achievements for each priority country (Brazil, the People’s Republic of China. India, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa), each priority region (Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia), and globally.

20 Apr 2021 119 pages English 9789264816336 (PDF)

Author(s): International Energy Agency