Reaching Out and Activating Inactive and Unemployed Persons in Bulgaria

image of Reaching Out and Activating Inactive and Unemployed Persons in Bulgaria

This report on Bulgaria is the eighth country study published in a series of reports looking into how policies connect people with jobs. It provides a detailed analysis of Bulgaria’s inactive and unemployed population and identifies groups of people who would benefit from measures and services provided by Bulgaria’s Public Employment Service. In addition, the report assesses Bulgaria’s labour market policies to reach out to inactive people and help them integrate in the labour market, and offers recommendations for improvement.

English Also available in: Bulgarian

Outreach activities to the out‑of‑work population

This chapter discusses outreach activities to unemployed and inactive people in Bulgaria. While the National Employment Agency (NEA) has the leading role in reaching out to people who do not work and need support, further institutions implement outreach activities, often in co‑operation with the NEA, such as the Social Assistance Agency (SAA) and municipalities. Registering with the NEA is a requirement for receiving unemployment benefits and social assistance benefits. While Bulgaria has stepped up efforts to establish a contact with unemployed and inactive people, there is a large pool of people who do not work but do not register with the NEA. In an international comparison, the share of the out-of-work population registering with the NEA is low. Unemployed and inactive people belonging to some specific groups of the population are particularly difficult to reach for the NEA, including young people, people close to retirement age and Roma.




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