Teaching Practices and Pedagogical Innovations

Evidence from TALIS

Fortunately, teaching practices help shape the learning experiences and increase motivation and achievement for students. In addition, it has been revealed that when teachers collaborate well together they also tend to work better with students. This new informative publication clearly identifies and arranges profiles in relation to two connected areas of professional teacher practices: classroom teaching practices and participation in professional learning communities.

This practical book enables a more comprehensive understanding of teaching practice and participation in professional learning communities nationally and internationally. It provides policy makers and other key stakeholders with the relevant information they need for educational system monitoring.

04 Sept 2012 172 pages English

https://doi.org/10.1787/9789264123540-en 9789264123540 (PDF)

Author(s): Svenja Vieluf, David Kaplan, Eckhard Klieme and Sonja Bayer