Reviews of National Policies for Education: Russian Federation 1998

Education is a powerful force in building the new Russia: it can help its citizens meet the challenges of the new, emerging democratic society; develop in its labour force the talents, skills and dispositions required in the new economic and social setting; and harmonise national aims with regional concerns. The challenge to the education system in the Russian Federation is especially great because so many other social and economic systems are undergoing transition and reform simultaneously. Against the present context of fluid and uncertain conditions and significant financial constraint, school policies need to promote and support the adaptation and restructuring of curricula while reinforcing evident strengths in current provision and fostering the development of new, effective partnerships at national, regional and local levels.

This report describes the most recent trends in schooling and education policy in the Russian Federation, and analyses the education reform initiatives under way. While supporting the overall policy trends now under way, its recommendations draw attention to particular problems and share new perspectives as well as identify ways to consolidate the ongoing reforms. Recommendations are offered for education goals, access and opportunity for all; curriculum and assessment; teachers and teacher education; reforming vocational and technical education within a changing economy; and management, finance and the role of government.

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