Post-Secondary Vocational Education and Training

Pathways and Partnerships

Institutional Management in Higher Education

Rapid growth of tertiary education is partly due to the expansion of post-secondary vocational education and training (PSV). A well developed post-secondary PSV system and links between universities and VET institutions improve skills and employment opportunities. What is post-secondary PSV and how does it relate to other components of the education system? How do the labour market and globalisation trends impact post-secondary PSV? How do OECD countries address the issues of transition, pathways and collaboration in tertiary education?

This report is part of the OECD work on Higher Education in Regional and City Development. In the course of the reviews of more than 30 cities and regions, this work identified VET-university linkages as one of the common issues that impact the engagement of tertiary education in socio-economic development across countries.

16 Nov 2012 186 pages English 9789264097551 (PDF)

Authors: OECD