Higher Education in Regional and City Development: State of Paraná, Brazil 2011

Institutional Management in Higher Education

Paraná is one of the most prosperous states in Brazil and has invested in higher education, science and technology, and public-private partnerships. Its higher education scene is dominated by federal and state universities, but the private sector enrolls a much higher number of students, particularly from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Faced with growing global competition, how can Paraná build its capacity as an internationally attractive place to live, work, invest and study? How can it promote business formation and develop its existing industry and small and medium-sized enterprises? How can it address the long-term challenges of poverty and inequality? How can its higher education sector support this development?

This publication is part of the series of OECD reviews of Higher Education in Regional and City Development. These reviews help mobilise higher education institutions for economic, social and cultural development of cities and regions. They analyse how the higher education system impacts upon regional and local development and bring together universities, other higher education institutions, and public and private agencies to identify strategic goals and to work towards them.