Education Policy Analysis 2003

image of Education Policy Analysis 2003

The 2003 edition of Education Policy Analysis draws on international perspectives to provide up-to-date analyses of key education policy challenges and initiatives. It contains reviews of policy issues and international developments in the ways that countries define students with disabilities, difficulties and disadvantages, the approaches they are taking to meet those needs, and what these imply for debates about equity and inclusion; new approaches to career guidance, for both young people and adults, that facilitate lifelong learning by developing career management skills over the lifespan; the profound changes underway in the objectives and clientele of higher education, and what these imply for the way higher education is financed and governed; and policy options for making sure that investments in adult lifelong learning pay off and are sustainable over the long term. The 2003 edition also includes, for the first time, a summary of major education policy changes across a wide range of fields in OECD countries.

English Also available in: Chinese, French

Education Policy Analysis 2003 (Summary in Finnish) / Education Policy Analysis 2003 (Summary in Finnish)

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

Finnish Also available in: Russian, Spanish, Icelandic, Korean, Hungarian, All

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