2015 OECD Yearbook 2015

This fifth edition of the OECD Yearbook continues our discussions of some of the key social, economic and environmental challenges that have resulted from seven years of global economic turmoil. Though confidence may be slowly returning, uncertainty remains. Challenges such as unemployment, poverty, climate change and disease must be addressed. Business-as-usual is not an option. We need policies for people, the planet and prosperity at the same time. For instance, what kind of policies can reduce inequality and bolster growth? Is it really possible to create more and better jobs at once? How might quotas promote gender equality? How can breakthroughs in innovation and green technology spur out transition to a low-carbon economy? How can stringent policies on the environment also help productivity, and not constrain it? What policies are needed to spur stronger growth in investment? How can we harness the power of migration? What new ideas and approaches to economic policymaking can we aspire to? And what must world leaders and stakeholders do to secure key agreements in 2015 on development financing, sustainable development and climate change?

In the 2015 OECD Yearbook the OECD’s experts are joined by leaders from government, business, labour, academia and civil society to examine these and other questions facing our societies today.

25 Jun 2015 96 pages English


Author(s): OECD