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OECD in Figures 2009

OECD in Figures is an original, simple to use, pocket data book.  As ever, this 2009 edition contains key data on the OECD-wide economy, society and the environment. There are comparable tables on the entire spectrum of the organisation’s work, from national income and industry through employment and research to banking and public finances. Our customary OECD in Graphs section highlights key challenges such as public debt, joblessness and climate change.

OECD in Figures is a primary statistical source. As with all OECD data, it is compiled and checked by our experts, so that decision-makers in government, research and business know they can rely on it. OECD in Figures is the public gateway to one of the richest and most respected economic, financial, social and environmental databases around.

10 Sept 2009 99 pages English Also available in: Spanish, German, French 9789264052741 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD