2003 OECD Economic Surveys: Austria 2003

image of OECD Economic Surveys: Austria 2003

This 2003 edition of OECD's periodic economic reviews of Austria includes special feature on fostering labour market participation, product market competition and macroeconomic performance and on aspects of sustainable development.

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Some Aspects of Sustainable Development

There is growing concern that long-run sustainable development may be compromised unless countries take measures to achieve balance between economic, environmental and social outcomes. This section looks at three issues of sustainable development that are of particular importance for Austria. In each case, indicators are presented to measure performance, and an assessment is made of government policies that affect the issue. The section also considers whether institutional arrangements are in place to integrate policymaking across the different areas of sustainable development (see Box 10). The section first looks at the policies that have been put in place to control emissions of greenhouse gases. It then examines waste management policy. Finally, the section considers trade and aid policies in terms of their ability to help developing countries to achieve sustainable development...

English Also available in: French

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