Economic Policy Reforms 2021

Going for Growth: Shaping a Vibrant Recovery

image of Economic Policy Reforms 2021

Going for Growth 2021 identifies country-specific structural policy priorities for the recovery across OECD and key non-member countries (Argentina, Brazil, The People’s Republic of China, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia and South Africa). It frames the main policy challenges of the current juncture along three main areas: building resilience; facilitating reallocation and boosting productivity growth for all; and supporting people in transition. The publication also highlights priorities in areas necessitating increased international cooperation in order to manage cross border spillovers: health, climate change, trade and taxation challenges of digital economies.



After a devastating 2020 prospects are improving. The rollout of vaccines is giving us hope while extraordinary monetary and fiscal buffers continue to support firms, jobs and incomes, limiting the social and economic fallout of the pandemic. Importantly, COVID-19 has exposed how structural weaknesses can weigh on economic resilience. How we respond will shape the recovery and the future of our economies. Governments need to act now to address the structural obstacles to growth, build resilience and sustainability; boost productivity and facilitate reallocation; and help people adapt to change.


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