OECD Development Co-operation Peer Reviews: Slovenia 2017

image of OECD Development Co-operation Peer Reviews: Slovenia 2017

This review assesses the performance of Slovenia, including looking at how Slovenia might increase the impact of its aid through a tighter thematic focus and geographic footprint, a stronger focus on results and better mainstreaming of gender and environment across its development co-operation.


Slovenian humanitarian assistance

The overall policy framework for Slovenian humanitarian aid provides broad geographic and thematic priorities, but these will be difficult to deliver given the limited funding available. Even if additional funds are made available to address unpredictable emergency needs, Slovenia can still add most value where its funds are complemented with specific technical expertise, such as in linking emergency response and disaster risk reduction activities in the Western Balkan region. As Slovenia has the ability to sustain long-term engagement, it could usefully reduce the scope of its priorities to focus more on forgotten crises where a difference can be made with limited but stable budgets.


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