OECD Development Co-operation Peer Reviews: Slovak Republic 2019

image of OECD Development Co-operation Peer Reviews: Slovak Republic 2019

The OECD's Development Assistance Committee (DAC) conducts periodic reviews of the individual development co-operation efforts of DAC members. The policies and programmes of each DAC member are critically examined approximately once every five years. DAC peer reviews assess the performance of a given member, not just that of its development co-operation agency, and examine both policy and implementation. They take an integrated, system-wide perspective on the development co-operation and humanitarian assistance activities of the member under review.

This peer review of the Slovak Republic, the first since it joined the DAC in 2013, shows how the country successfully raised its voice and influence in global fora, and documents its efforts to align with the 2030 Agenda. The report recommends that the Slovak Republic continue to build its policy framework, sharpen its focus, and embed the management systems needed for an effective development co-operation programme.



The Slovak Republic's delivery modalities and partnerships

The Slovak Republic has a broad network of partners and uses strategic partnerships to share its public reform experience effectively in the Eastern partnership and Western Balkans region. Further afield, the development portfolio is composed of fragmented projects with less emphasis on bilateral partnerships with host governments. Instead, the Slovak Republic relies significantly on Slovak NGOs, though is exploring opportunities for strengthening its private sector engagement. The Slovak Republic has some capacity to direct an increased proportion of its development co‑operation to preventing conflict and promoting peace in those fragile situations where it has a good understanding of the context.


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