Multi-dimensional Review of Peru

Volume 3. From Analysis to Action

image of Multi-dimensional Review of Peru

Peru has experienced remarkable socio-economic progress over the last two decades, enabling it to join the group of upper middle-income countries around 2010. However, challenges are ahead if the country is not to be caught in various development traps. Overcoming these challenges in the near future to take the economy to the next level and become a country with higher productivity, inclusive development and well-being for all will require sound policy reforms. Further efforts are needed on three main fronts: economic diversification, connectivity and formalisation of jobs. This report analyses the main challenges in these three priority areas and sets up a policy action plan. It also proposes a scorecard including a series of indicators for monitoring progress derived from the implementation of the reforms proposed in these three areas and presents the objectives for each indicator that Peru should aim to achieve by 2025 and 2030.


Executive summary

This third volume of the Multi-dimensional Country Review (MDCR) of Peru builds on the results of the first two volumes. Volume 1 identified the main constraints to achieving well-being and sustainable and inclusive development. The second volume provided recommendations in three key areas to address these constraints: the diversification of the economy, the improvement of transport connectivity, and the formalisation of jobs and economic activities. This third volume proposes a way of prioritising policy interventions and a framework for measuring policy implementation.


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