Latin American Economic Outlook 2022

Towards a Green and Just Transition

What challenges and opportunities does the green transition entail for Latin America and the Caribbean? This 15th edition of the Latin American Economic Outlook explores options for the region to recast its production models, transform its energy matrix and create better jobs in the process. It argues that, for this transition to be just, stronger social-protection systems and open dialogue must help build new, sustainable social contracts. In support of this ambitious agenda, the report presents an array of financing options, including green finance, and advocates for renewed international partnerships.

07 Nov 2022 340 pages English Also available in: Spanish 9789264732667 (EPUB) 9789264798359 (HTML) 9789264957121 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD, European Commission, CAF Development Bank of Latin America and Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean