Development Co-operation Report 2020

Learning from Crises, Building Resilience

image of Development Co-operation Report 2020

The devastating impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) on developing countries have tested the limits, ingenuity and flexibility of development co-operation while also uncovering best practices. This 58th edition of the Development Co-operation Report draws out early insights from leaders, OECD members, experts and civil society on the implications of coronavirus (COVID-19) for global solidarity and international co-operation for development in 2021 and beyond. The report suggests ways forward for the international development community as a whole for bold action and systemic reform to build resilient national and international systems capable of coping with global shocks, and providing and protecting global public goods while reinforcing the fundamental building blocks for sustainable development. The annual “development co-operation at a glance” infographics showcase the latest trends in development finance for over 80 providers of development co-operation, including members of the OECD, the Development Assistance Committee, other countries and philanthropic foundations.

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Community engagement to counter misinformation in Rohingya refugee camps

For a vulnerable population such as Rohingya refugees, the case study shows that accessing reliable information and rapidly debunking rumours can save lives. In response to an alarming spread of misinformation in crowded Rohingya refugee camps, humanitarian organisations and the Bangladesh government implemented a communication strategy that relies heavily on the ground-up engagement of the Rohingya community.

English Also available in: French

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