African Economic Outlook 2005

image of African Economic Outlook 2005

The African Economic Outlook, a joint project of the African Development Bank and the OECD Development Centre, is an annual review of the recent economic situation and the likely short-term evolution of selected African countries. 

The analysis is presented on a country-by-country basis using a unique analytical design.  This common framework includes a forecasting exercise for the current and the two following years using a simple macroeconomic model, together with an analysis of the social and political context.  It also contains a comparative synthesis of African country prospects, placing the evolution of African economies in the world economic context.  A statistical appendix completes the volume.

"OECD has prepared a thorough report on the economic situation in Africa."

-Julius Coles, President, Africare

English Also available in: French


OECD Development Centre

A GROWTH RATES OF 6.9 PER CENT in 2003 and 5.4 per cent 2004 confirm the country’s economic health and stability and underpin expectation of further substantial growth of around 4.5 per cent in 2005 and 2006. Algeria has reduced its debt ratio to 24.7 per cent, rebuilt official reserves to the equivalent of nearly two years of imports, still has a budget surplus (even taking into account its FRR revenue regulation fund) and has...


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