Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2011

OECD Countries and Emerging Economies

image of Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2011

For the first time, the Monitoring and Evaluation report of agricultural policies covers OECD member countries (including the new members who joined during 2010 – Chile, Estonia, Israel and Slovenia) and selected key emerging economies: Brazil, China, Russia, South Africa and Ukraine.

This edition shows that, after an increase in 2009, producer support in the OECD area declined in 2010, confirming the downward trend in support to farmers. The trend in emerging economies shows some increase in the level of support, although it stays well below the OECD average.

This report is a unique source of up-to-date estimates of support to agriculture and is complemented by individual chapters on agricultural policy developments in all countries covered in the report.

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Diversity Among New OECD Member Countries and Emerging Economies

Diversity among new OECD member countries and emerging economies highlights the structural diversity of countries included in the Monitoring and Evaluation report and the evolving role of emerging economies in the world agricultural landscape. This chapter focuses on the two new OECD member countries, Chile and Israel, and on the five emerging economies included in the report: Brazil, China, Russia, South Africa and Ukraine. The chapter first focuses on the economic development and agricultural structure, and on issues such as the dualistic structure in the farming sector, poverty and malnutrition. It then focuses on agro-food trade and the increasing role of emerging economies.

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