20th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the OECD

This year we celebrate 20th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the OECD.

For Poland, the membership in the OECD is a sign of quality; it also confirms the affiliation to a group of like-minded countries.

Recommendations and guidelines formulated by the OECD often contain tailored-made advice on how the country might want to tackle problems in economic and social spheres.

The OECD is not just a group of economically significant nations. It is also a policy forum covering a broad spectrum of areas. Poland can share its experience and learn from the practices of the other members, how to address current challenges.

The OECD sustains working relationships with over 100 non-member economies. Poland thus benefits from the dialogue and consultations with almost all major international players. It is particularly important to bear in mind that an increased interdependence and globalisation demand global rules of the game.

The twenty years of Poland’s membership in the OECD is a history of rich and unique, multidimensional cooperation with the Secretariat and member states. It has engaged different people, involved setting foot in various places, covered multiple topics, comprised numerous events and produced a variety of products. All these activities, however, have had one single objective: working together to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world.

We are looking forward to further strengthening the collaboration with the OECD and its member states to promote the OECD’s goal worldwide: “better policies for better lives”.