Annex A. Contributors

This report is the outcome of a collaboration among the participating countries and economies, the OECD Secretariat, an international consortium, a technical advisory group (TAG), and various mathematics, teaching material, and observation experts.

B-M-V (Chile): Rodrigo González, María Francisca Donoso (former)

Colombia: Natalia González Gómez, Andrés Gutiérrez (former)

England (UK): Elaine McCann

Germany*: Juliane Grünkorn, Petra Pinger (former)

K-S-T (Japan): Kenji Matsubara

Madrid (Spain): Mercedes Marín García, Luis Pires Jiménez (former)

Mexico: Marina Fernanda González Nava, Yolanda Leyva (former)

Shanghai (China): Wang Jie

Marco Catalán (Mathematics expert, NPM assistant; former)

María Francisca Donoso (NPM; former)

Rodrigo González (NPM)

Felipe Marquez (Master rater; former)

María Rebeca Miranda (Observation expert; former)

Fidel Oteíza (Mathematics expert; former)

Felipe Ubeira (NPM assistant; former)

Gabriela Zúñiga (Master rater, observation expert; former)

Ximena Dueñas (TGB representative; former)

María Figueroa (TGB representative; former)

Silvana Godoy (Observation expert; former)

Natalia González Gómez (NPM)

Katherine Guerrero (NPM assistant)

Andrés Gutiérrez (NPM; former)

Cristian Montaño (National data manager)

Mónica Ospina (TGB representative)

Mariam Pinto (Master rater, mathematics expert)

David Ruiz (Master rater)

Paola Trujillo (Mathematics expert; former)

Lowri Buckley (Project co-ordinator)

Alice Gallimore-Roberts (Manager, Department for Education)

Jenni Ingram (Master rater - teaching materials, Observation expert)

Ariel Lindorff (Master rater - videos)

Nicola Mackenzie (Manager, Department for Education, former)

Elaine McCann (NPM)

Anna Riggall (Project director, research expert)

Pamela Sammons (Advisor on research methods and analysis)

Naomi Sani (Mathematics expert)

Libby Wright (Manager, Department for Education, former)

Juliane Grünkorn (NPM)

Benjamin Herbert (Master rater)

Julia Käfer (Recruiting and field liaison; former)

Petra Pinger (NPM; former)

Wida Rogh (Master rater videos; former)

Patrick Schreyer (Master rater)

Angelika Wildgans (Mathematics expert; former)

IEA Hamburg (Field operations; former)

Hirokazu Arai (Regional teacher supervisor - Toda City, mathematics expert; former)

Takuya Baba (National expert committee member; former)

Hiroko Hasegawa (National centre staff)

Fumiko Honda (National centre staff; former)

Rihito Ishimine (National centre staff)

Junichi Kawabata (Regional teacher supervisor - Kuyamagaya city; former)

Taro Kawahara (National center staff, master rater of teaching materials)

Kenji Matsubara (NPM, Master rater videos; former)

Naoko Matsuda (Master rater)

Shinichiro Matsumoto (National expert committee member; former)

Hiroyuki Ninomiya (National expert committee member; former)

Keichi Nishimura (Mathematics expert, Observation expert, national expert committee member; former)

Asuka Ohagi (National centre staff, master rater – video)

Ayako Oura (National centre staff)

Tatsuhiko Seino (Mathematics expert, observation expert, national expert committee member; former)

Kazuo Shibata (Regional teacher supervisor - Shizuoka city; former)

Yoshinori Shimizu (National expert committee member; former)

Kentaro Sugiura (National centre staff)

Akiko Yamada (National centre staff; former)

IMPULS, Tokyo Gakugei University (Collaborative research team; former)

María Ángeles Díez Santos (NPM assistant; former)

Mercedes Marín García (NPM)

Laura Muñiz-Rodríguez (Master rater, mathematics expert)

Luis Pires Jiménez (NPM; former)

María Ángeles Puga Zuccotti (NPM assistant)

Luis José Rodríguez Muñiz (Master rater, mathematics expert)

Ismael Sanz (NPM; former)

Lucio Vigara Hernández (Observant expert; former)

Julio Arriaga (Master rater – teaching materials; former)

Erika Canché (Master rater; former)

David Castro (NPM assistant; former)

Karina Delgado (Master rater; former)

Aldo Ferrari (NPM assistant; former)

Marina Fernanda González Nava (NPM)

Jorge Lavín (NPM assistant; former)

Yolanda Leyva (NPM; former)

Jannina Ovalle (Master rater; former)

Leticia Pelcastre (Master rater – teaching materials; former)

Liu Da (Mathematics expert)

Huang Hua (Mathematics expert; former)

Jie Wang (NPM, observation expert, national data manager)

Huang Xing Feng (Mathematics expert; former)

Jinjie Xu (National data manager, NPM assistant, observation expert)

Andreas Schleicher (Strategic development)

Julie Bélanger (Project manager, former)

Yuri Belfali (Strategic development)

Florence Bernard (former Project assistant)

Sandrine Gallois-Peterson (Consultant, former)

Emily Groves (former Project assistant)

Lawrence Houldsworth (Analyst)

Andrea Konstantinidi (Project assistant)

Katarzyna Kubacka (Project manager, former)

Noémie Le Donne (Project manager, former)

Marco Paccaganella (Project manager, former)

Judith Pal (former)

Anna Pons (Project leader)

Karine Tremblay (Project leader, former)

Hannah Von Ahlefeld (Analyst, former)

Luka Boeskens

María Francisca Donoso

Marta Encinas-Martin

Clea Fernandez

Tiago Fragoso

Pablo Fraser

Noémie Le Donne

Koen Van Lieshout

Courtney A. Bell (Educational Testing Service)

Katherine E. Castellano (Education Testing Service)

Sy Doan (RAND)

Jessica Fischer (DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education)

Eckhard Klieme (DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education)

Daniel F. McCaffrey (Educational Testing Service)

Kata Mihaly (RAND)

V. Darleen Opfer (RAND)

Adrienne Propp (RAND)

Jonathan Schweig (RAND)

Brian M. Stecher (RAND)

Martha Timmer (RAND)

Emilio Chavez-Herrerias (RAND)

Jonathan Schweig (RAND)

Brian M. Stecher (RAND)

Courtney A. Bell (Educational Testing Service)

Katherine E. Castellano (Educational Testing Service)

V. Darleen Opfer (RAND)

Adrienne Propp (RAND)

Brian M. Stecher (RAND)

Susan Woodward (Educational Testing Service)

Paul Yoo (RAND)

Mariana Barragan (University of California, Los Angeles)

Courtney A. Bell (Educational Testing Service)

Katherine E. Castellano (Educational Testing Service)

Heather Howell (Educational Testing Service)

JR Lockwood (Educational Testing Service)

Yi Qi (Educational Testing Service)

Margaret Witherspoon (Educational Testing Service)

Jessica Fischer (DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education)

Eckhard Klieme (DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education)

V. Darleen Opfer (RAND)

Anna-Katharina Praetorius (DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education)

Ashlie Koehn (RAND)

Adrienne Propp (RAND)

Martha Timmer (RAND)

Stephanie Williamson (RAND)

Paul Yoo (RAND)

Jean Dumais (Statistics Canada)

Daniel F. McCaffrey (Educational Testing Service)

Yves Morin (Statistics Canada)

Ahalya Sivathayalan (Statistics Canada)

Paul Yoo (RAND)

Matt Charlap (Educational Testing Service)

Steve Franks (Educational Testing Service)

Elisa Giaccaglia (Educational Testing Service)

Kia Johnson (Educational Testing Service)

Alessia Marigo (Educational Testing Service)

Steven Peterson (Educational Testing Service)

Tom Van Essen (Educational Testing Service)

Jon Weeks (Educational Testing Service)

Susan Woodward (Educational Testing Service)

Werner Blum (Universität Kassel)

Anne Frenzel (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)

Pam Grossman (Stanford University)

Sonia Guerriero (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO])

Bridget Hamre (University of Virginia)

Heather Hill (Harvard University)

Tom Kane (Harvard University)

Kirsti Klette (University of Oslo)

Paul Leserman (Universiteit Utrech)

Robert Pianta (University of Virginia)

Jon Star (Harvard University)

Jim Stigler (University of California, Los Angeles)

Drew Gitomer (Rutgers University)

James Stigler (University of California, Los Angeles)

Annette Deluca (Education Testing Service)

Marjoleine Dobbelaer (Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen)

Nancy Glazer (Educational Testing Service)

Xueying Ji (University of Michigan)

Dawn Leusner (Educational Testing Service)

Wei Liao (Beijing Normal University)

Jamie Mikeska (Educational Testing Service)

Mark Olson (University of Wisconsin)

Lynn Paine (Michigan State University)

Geoffrey Phelps (Educational Testing Service)

Iwan Syahril (Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia)

Adrie Visscher (University of Twente)

E. Caroline Wylie (Educational Testing Service)

Werner Blum (Universität Kassel, Institute of Mathematics)

Gail Burrill (Michigan State University)

Heather Hill (Harvard University)

Erica Litke (University of Delaware)

Felipe Martinez (University of California, Los Angeles)

Leslie Nabors Olah (Educational Testing Service)

Kristina Reiss (Technical University of Munich)

Angelika Wildgans (Technical University of Munich)

John Bangs (OECD Trade Union Advisory Committee [TUAC])

Martin Henry (OECD Trade Union Advisory Committee [TUAC])

Anna Molero (Teach for All)

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