About Research Assistant

The Research Assistant uses semantic Artificial Intelligence to analyze a user's input for key concepts and topics. It then finds and delivers publications and articles on OECD iLibrary with similar concepts and topics.

How it works

  1. Upload your document that contains text. This could be a draft of your research paper, a course syllabus, an article, etc, describing your research topic
    or copy-and-paste a paragraph of text or longer from a document.

  2. The Research Assistant analyzes the text identifying key concepts and topics; and then determines the most relevant concepts and delivers similar content published from the OECD and available on OECD iLibrary. The identified concepts are listed at the top of the presented results.

  3. Review the presented content items and access the ones of interest to you.

The feature considers up to eight prevalent key concepts and delivers up to 20 relevant publications. It is exclusively offered to users in subscribing institutions and full access to the discovered content will match your institution's subscription.

Feature Support

The Research Assistant supports the uploading of documents in PDF, DOC, DOCX or TXT format with a maximum character count of 300,000. The more text you provide the better the analysis to determine key concepts. Avoid documents with lots of graphs, tables or pictures as those will be ignored. Instead of uploading a document you can also paste copied text from a web site or a document. At the current time the Research Assistant can only work with English text.

The content you upload will only be used for the one-time analysis and is never stored in our system. Uploading the same document again will not alter the results. 

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