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An Essential Resource

With nearly 500,000 unique users per month, OECD iLibrary is an essential resource for professionals and students around the globe. 

Whether you are an academic institution, government entity or business, you and your users will benefit from OECD’s extensive data and in-depth analysis. 

By subscribing to OECD iLibrary you will join the global community that plays an active and invaluable role in OECD’s ongoing efforts to disseminate the publications which drive “Better policies for better lives.

What subscribers say about OECD iLibrary?

"OECD iLibrary plays an essential role for social scientists needing high-quality, internationally harmonized statistics on a wide variety of economic and social topics … 
Particularly useful to scholars is the ability to replicate by using the archival editions and the retention of forecasts back to 1967. "- Bobray Bordelon, Princeton University

"The subscription and use of OECD iLibrary (...by the Knesset Research & Information Center derives from its compatibility) with features that are always required in the field of parliamentary research: updated information and analysis in a wide range of policy areas that are relevant to the parliamentary agenda; availability of comparative data which includes definitions and details of its sources; and availability of service by professional contact persons in case there is a need for a further clarification or additional information." - Yuval Vurgan, The Knesset Research and Information Center, Jerusalem 

Why should you subscribe?

An OECD iLibrary subscription gives unrestricted access to content, with tools and features on the platform that facilitate discovery and workflow integration:

  • A single subscription provides access to all OECD iLibrary content, or to all content within a theme
  • Usage reporting in standardised COUNTER 4 and 5 format; directly from the site or via SUSHI harvesting
  • Perpetual access including deep archive solutions
  • Cataloguing  made easy with the offered MARC and KBART II records 
  • On-campus and remote access via IP recognition, shared username/password, Federated access via Shibboleth, or EZ Proxy
  • Add your institutional branding to inform your users that OECD iLibrary is a trusted resource at their disposal
  • All content is indexed with leading discovery services EBSO Discovery Service, Primo, Summon and WorldCat
  • See the full Feature List! (PDF) - Also available in Spanish (PDF), Portuguese (PDF), and  Japanese  (PDF).

Pricing Information and Sales Contacts

We encourage you to contact one of our sales agents around the world or the nearest OECD sales contact to learn more about becoming a subscriber. The OECD iLibrary Team is excited to work with you to provide ongoing support, training and advice. 

 OECD iLibrary team - Click the image of the member of the sales team to email the sales contact 
Click to email Damon AllenHead of Sales and contact
for German-speaking countries
Click to email James KitchenSales Manager for Southern Europe, Africa, Middle East, AustralasiaClick to email Michel GuinandSales Manager for North America, Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, and French-speaking North AfricaClick to email Florian AllainSales and Customer Service
for North America
Click to email Ivonne LopezSales Manager for Latin America,
Spain and Portugal
Click to email Eduardo EspinosaSales and Customer Service
 for Latin America, Spain and Portugal
Click to email Shinobu TakahashiSales Manager for Japan and KoreaClick to email Kelvin PohSales Manager for Asia (excluding Japan and Korea)

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