Review of the Regulation of Freight Transport in Mexico

image of Review of the Regulation of Freight Transport in Mexico

This publication identifies the main regulatory obstacles of the following transport sectors in Mexico: road transport, railways, ports, border crossing, and airway passengers. The report also offers recommendations to improve the quality of the regulatory framework of these sectors.



Regulation of ports in Mexico

Mexico has 117 ports and terminals that handled 288 million tonnes of goods in 2013. Four ports are considered to be national hubs: Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas, Altamira and Veracruz. The SCT has the legal attributions to granting concessions, permits and authorisations for building, establishing, administrating, operating and exploiting works and goods in ports, maritime terminals and port installations. Challenges include: to develop an integrated logistics strategy for the main four Mexican ports to increase the volume of containers that could be carried on railroads; to increase port efficiency by: establish a dedicated areas free of border controls for coastal shipping; to introduce a specific regime to facilitate transhipment; to open customs and other inspection agencies more often 24 hours per day; to develop policies to simplify port gate operations; and to consider opening up the maritime cabotage market.


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