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Education Policy in Japan

Japan’s education system is one of the top performers compared to other OECD countries. International assessments have not only demonstrated students' and adults' high level of achievement, but also the fact that socio-economic status has little...
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Examens de l'OCDE du cadre d'évaluation de l'éducation : Maroc

Comment les politiques d’évaluation du système éducatif peuvent-elles améliorer les résultats des élèves dans l’enseignement primaire et secondaire ? À travers une perspective internationale, les rapports pays de cette série apportent une analyse...
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Issuing GDP-linked bonds

This paper compares supply and demand to assess to what extent there can be a market for GDP-linked bonds (GLBs). For the government side, simulations illustrate the debt-stabilisation property of GLBs. These simulations consider shock persistence...
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Sectoral and regional distribution of export shocks

This study explores the impact of export shocks on firms and re-aggregates results to derive distributional effects on sectors and regions. In a first step, firm level data are used to assess the empirical relationship between exports and three...
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Salaires des enseignants

Les salaires des enseignants correspondent aux salaires bruts perçus, lesquels ont été enregistrés à différents moments de leur carrière.

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