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Multi-Dimensional Review of Panama

Panama has achieved socio-economic improvements in recent decades thanks to strong economic growth and consequent poverty reduction. Its growth model is characterised by a dual economy in which a small number of activities, including those related to...
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Petite enfance, grands défis 2017

L’éducation et l’accueil des jeunes enfants (EAJE) peuvent contribuer à jeter les bases de ce que seront le développement des compétences, le bien-être et l’apprentissage futurs. Disposer en temps voulu d’informations fiables et comparables au plan...
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Structural characteristics and process quality in early childhood education and care

This literature review investigated relations between structural characteristics and process quality in centre and family daycare provisions for children from birth to age 5. Structural characteristics were examined at system, organisational,...
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How does the earnings advantage of tertiary-educated workers evolve across generations?

The demand and supply of tertiary workers contribute to shaping their earnings advantage. The expansion of tertiary education has been accompanied by a decrease in the earnings advantage of tertiary-educated younger and older workers in many OECD and...
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Dépenses privées d'éducation

Dépenses d'éducation financées par des sources privées, par exemple les ménages et autres entités privées.

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