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OECD Skills Strategy Diagnostic Report: Korea 2015

Skills are central to Korea’s future prosperity and the well-being of its people. The OECD Skills Strategy Diagnostic Report: Korea identifies 12 skills challenges that need to be addressed to build a more effective skills system in Korea. These...
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Skills Strategy Implementation Guidance for Portugal

Raising skills is critical to Portugal’s economic success and social well-being. As globalisation and digitalisation are transforming how people work, how societies function and how individuals interact, Portugal needs to equip its entire population...
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Tour d’horizon des innovations pédagogiques

Il est communément admis que la qualité d’un système d’éducation dépend de celle de ses enseignants. En rappelant l’importance de la pédagogie, on peut affirmer que, pour aider les élèves à relever les nouveaux défis de l’éducation, les enseignants...
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What kinds of activities are common among teenagers who work well with others?

Schools are not just four walls inside of which students learn how to read, write and think. Schools provide a venue where young people meet each other, and where they develop relationships and friendships that may last for decades. At school,...
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Higher Education in Kazakhstan 2017

Higher education policy is the key to lifelong learning and this is particularly important as the ageing population is increasing in many countries. It is a major driver of economic competitiveness in an increasingly knowledge-driven global economy...

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