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PISA for Development Assessment and Analytical Framework

“What is important for citizens to know and be able to do?” The OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) seeks to answer that question through the most comprehensive and rigorous international assessment of student knowledge and...
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OECD Handbook for Internationally Comparative Education Statistics 2018

For well over two decades, the OECD has developed and published a broad range of comparative indicators published yearly in the flagship publication Education at a Glance. These provide insights into the functioning of education systems, such as the...
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Who Needs Special Education Professional Development?

Although access to formal education has improved internationally for children with disabilities, concerns remain about education quality for this student population. Using data on 121 173 teachers from 38 countries in the 2013 Teaching and Learning...
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Teaching students with special needs

The teacher workforce could be better prepared to cater to the learning needs of special needs students. The low percentage of teachers reporting a positive impact from their professional development signals that there is more to be done regarding...
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Dépenses d'éducation

Dépenses au titre des établissements scolaires, des universités et autres établissements publics et privés fournissant ou accompagnant des services éducatifs.

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