Review of the Regulation of Freight Transport in Mexico

image of Review of the Regulation of Freight Transport in Mexico

This publication identifies the main regulatory obstacles of the following transport sectors in Mexico: road transport, railways, ports, border crossing, and airway passengers. The report also offers recommendations to improve the quality of the regulatory framework of these sectors.



Regulation of border management in Mexico

In Mexico, several government agencies share the responsibility of managing traderelated cross-border regulatory requirements. The regulatory reforms that have been introduced across the various border management agencies are designed to reduce red tape, improve co-ordination and facilitate the movement of freight. However, difficulties are being experienced in the implementation of the regulations. Challenges include: full functionality of the single window VUCEM system; to undertake a review of risk management practices on inspections by border management agencies; to develop national standards and operating procedures in order to achieve national uniformity of practice, to co-ordinate management and investment in road border crossing facilities so that priority gates for registered carriers are accessed by reserved lanes sufficiently long to bypass queues for non-priority gates.


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