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image of The Costs of Decarbonisation

The Costs of Decarbonisation

Under the Paris Agreement, OECD countries agreed to aim for a reduction of their greenhouse gas emissions sufficient to hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre industrial levels. This commitment requires a...
image of Bulletin de droit nucléaire, Volume 2014 Numéro 2

Bulletin de droit nucléaire, Volume 2014 Numéro 2

Le Bulletin de droit nucléaire est une publication internationale unique en son genre destinée aux juristes et aux universitaires en droit nucléaire. Ses lecteurs bénéficient d’informations exhaustives qui font autorité sur les développements qui...
image of Metadata for Radioactive Waste Management

Metadata for Radioactive Waste Management

National programmes for radioactive waste management require very large amounts of data and information across multiple and disparate disciplines. These programmes tend to run over a period of many decades resulting in a serious risk of data and...
image of Restructurer le secteur électrique et favoriser la croissance verte au Japon

Restructuring the Electricity Sector and Promoting Green Growth in Japan

The 2011 disaster and nuclear problems opened the door to a new energy policy, as they raised fundamental questions about the electricity system’s ability to prevent and respond to accidents. In particular, the system has had difficulty coping with...
image of Données sur l'énergie nucléaire 2018

Nuclear Energy Data 2018

Nuclear Energy Data is the Nuclear Energy Agency’s annual compilation of statistics and country reports documenting nuclear power status in NEA member countries and in the OECD area. Information provided by governments includes statistics on total...

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