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image of Big Data for Travel Demand Modelling

Big Data for Travel Demand Modelling

This report examines how big data from mobile phones and other sources can help to forecast travel demand. It identifies the strengths and potential use-cases for big data in transport modelling and mobility analysis. It also examines potential...
image of Decongesting our Cities

Decongesting our Cities

This report reviews a wide range of congestion control measures. It analyses their effectiveness, financial and operational requirements, implementation time and public acceptability. It focuses on the role of technology in addressing congestion,...
image of Developing thematic satellite accounts

Developing thematic satellite accounts

The 2008 System of National Accounts (SNA) provides the international standards for compiling macro-economic statistics. In addition to the core set of accounts, the 2008 SNA also introduces satellite accounts, which are linked to, but distinct from,...
image of The innovative mobility landscape

The innovative mobility landscape

This report reviews changes in today’s urban mobility landscape and the potential of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) to improve travel in cities. It assesses essential governance and regulatory challenges that stakeholders must address to create a...
image of Entretien de l'infrastructure

Entretien de l'infrastructure

L'entretien de l'infrastructure désigne les dépenses consacrées à la préservation du réseau de transport existant.

OECD Policy Responses to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What are the impacts and consequences of the coronavirus pandemic on our lives and our societies - our healthcare systems, our jobs and education, our businesses, financial markets and economies.

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