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OECD Tourism Trends and Policies 2018

The 2018 edition analyses tourism performance and policy trends across 49 OECD countries and partner economies. It highlights the need for coherent and comprehensive approaches to tourism policy making, and the significance of the tourism economy,...
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Partenariats public-privé pour les infrastructures de transport

Les partenariats public-privé (PPP) constituent un moyen important d’associer le secteur privé au financement, au déploiement et à la gestion des infrastructures. La renégociation fait partie intégrante de tout PPP, mais l’on n’y accorde pas la même...
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Benchmarking Road Safety in Latin America

Road safety is a major issue in Latin America and substantial actions are needed to reduce the number of road deaths and injuries. This report describes and benchmarks road safety management and performance in ten Latin American countries: Argentina,...
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The impact of mega-ships

The port of Jakarta is the incontestable gateway to Indonesia. As an archipelago state, Indonesia has much to gain from improving its maritime connectivity and attracting more direct liner services. These services rely on ever larger ships. What is...
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Entretien de l'infrastructure

L'entretien de l'infrastructure désigne les dépenses consacrées à la préservation du réseau de transport existant.

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