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Promoting Clean Urban Public Transportation and Green Investment in Kazakhstan

This report discusses the main results of a project on how to reduce air pollution from urban public transport in Kazakhstan, by providing an analysis for designing a green public investment programme in this sector.
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Tendances et politiques du tourisme de l'OCDE 2018

L’édition de 2018 analyse les performances touristiques et les tendances politiques à travers 49 pays de l’OCDE et d’économies partenaires. Le rapport souligne la nécessité d’approches cohérentes et globales quant à l’élaboration de politiques en...
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Understanding Urban Travel Behaviour by Gender for Efficient and Equitable Transport Policies

Gender is one of the key socio-demographic variables that can influence travel behaviour, but it is often the least understood. Understanding travel behaviour by gender will help better design transport policies that are efficient and equitable. Due...
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Shared Mobility Simulations for Auckland

This report examines how the optimised use of new shared transport modes can change the future of mobility in the Auckland area in New Zealand. Based on computer simulations of different shared mobility scenarios, the study shows that introducing...
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Entretien de l'infrastructure

L'entretien de l'infrastructure désigne les dépenses consacrées à la préservation du réseau de transport existant.
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