Review of the Regulation of Freight Transport in Mexico

image of Review of the Regulation of Freight Transport in Mexico

This publication identifies the main regulatory obstacles of the following transport sectors in Mexico: road transport, railways, ports, border crossing, and airway passengers. The report also offers recommendations to improve the quality of the regulatory framework of these sectors.



Regulation of air freight transport in Mexico

Demand for air freight is largely driven by the economic climate, and as a result, air freight transport in Mexico has grown broadly in line with both GDP and the number of passengers carried by airlines. Regulatory challenges facing by the air freight sector concern, amongst others: i) landing and take-off slot allocation at congested airports: Mexico should facilitate the implementation of auctions for primary slot allocation or replace the auction mechanism with international standards on airport slot allocation; ii) transposition of international regulations into national one: Mexico should publish aviation standards immediately in their original language in the Official Gazette, with acknowledgement that they are legally binding until replaced by official translations; iii) limits to market development imposed by restrictive air service agreements: Mexico should pursue a policy that seeks open skies agreements with other nations, in order to accrue benefits in trade and tourism of expanded air service.


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