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Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in Sweden

Agricultural innovation in Sweden has sought to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the agri-food sector by ensuring a high level of environmental and animal welfare standards, while raising the productivity and financial viability of farms.
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Science, technologie et industrie : Tableau de bord de l'OCDE 2017

Avec environ 200 indicateurs, l’édition 2017 du rapport Science, Technologie et Industrie (STI) : Tableau de bord de l’OCDE montre comment la transformation numérique rejaillit sur la science, l’innovation, l’économie, l’organisation du travail et...
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Moving between jobs

This paper aims to inform policies facilitating job-to-job transitions triggered by changes in the task content of occupations and in job demand. It assesses the distances existing between occupations in terms of cognitive skills and of skills as...
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A taxonomy of digital intensive sectors

This study proposes a taxonomy of sectors according to the extent to which they have gone digital. The taxonomy accounts for some of the key facets of the digital transformation, and recognises that sectors differ in their development and adoption of...
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Dépenses intérieures brutes de R-D

Les dépenses intérieures brutes de R-D désignent la dépense totale (courante et en capital) afférente aux travaux de R-D exécutés par l'ensemble des entreprises, instituts de recherche, laboratoires universitaires et publics, etc., résidents d'un pays.

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