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Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in Sweden

Agricultural innovation in Sweden has sought to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the agri-food sector by ensuring a high level of environmental and animal welfare standards, while raising the productivity and financial viability of farms.
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Rapport du Secrétaire général aux ministres 2018

Le rapport annuel du Secrétaire général de l’OCDE aux ministres revient sur les activités de l’OCDE en 2017 et quelques temps forts de 2018. Il couvre les activités du Secrétaire général et des membres de son Cabinet, les programmes horizontaux de...
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Modelling Policy Coherence Between Adaptation, Mitigation and Agricultural Productivity

This paper develops theoretical and quantitative analysis to identify the potential synergies and trade-offs inherent in various policy instruments that address agricultural productivity, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and water quality...
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Synergies and trade-offs between adaptation, mitigation and agricultural productivity

This report develops quantitative and qualitative frameworks to test the possibility of systematically assessing a range of policies and their intended and unintended effects. The analysis spans the three policy objectives of enhanced productivity,...
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Bilan nutritif

Le bilan nutritif correspond à la différence entre les entrées d'éléments nutritifs dans un système agricole (effluents d'élevage et engrais, principalement) et les sorties (absorption par les végétaux cultivés).

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