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image of Stemming the Superbug Tide

Stemming the Superbug Tide

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a large and growing problem with the potential for enormous health and economic consequences, globally. As such, AMR has become a central issue at the top of the public health agenda of OECD countries and beyond. In...
image of The Future of Social Protection

The Future of Social Protection

Social protection systems are often still designed for the archetypical full-time dependent employee. Work patterns deviating from this model – be it self-employment or online "gig work" – can lead to gaps in social protection coverage. Globalisation...
image of Diversity statistics in the OECD

Diversity statistics in the OECD

Data on ethnic, racial and indigenous identity can help render certain minorities statistically visible, and expose potential discrimination and inequalities. This paper systematically reviews diversity data collection practices in OECD countries and...
image of Tackling child poverty in Korea

Tackling child poverty in Korea

This paper compares the situation of children in Korea relative to other OECD countries in terms of child poverty and well-being. First, trends in child poverty and living standards are described. An overview of key internationally available...
image of Working Better with Age: Korea

Working Better with Age: Korea

Korea faces unique ageing and employment challenges. On the one hand, it will experience much faster population ageing than any other OECD country: the old-age dependency ratio (population aged 65+ over population aged 15-64), for example, is...

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