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Effective Carbon Rates 2018

Decarbonisation keeps climate change in check and contributes to cleaner air and water. Countries can price CO2-emissions to decarbonise their economies and steer them along a carbon-neutral growth path. Are countries using this tool to its full...
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Simplified registration and collection mechanisms for taxpayers that are not located in the jurisdiction of taxation

This paper reviews and evaluates the efficacy of simplified tax registration and collection mechanisms for securing compliance of taxpayers over which the jurisdiction with taxing rights has limited or no authority to effectively enforce a tax...
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Unintended technology-bias in corporate income taxation

This paper shows that corporate tax provisions can lead to different effective tax rates (ETRs) if there is a capital cost-intensive and a variable cost-intensive way of producing the same output. It develops a framework for analysing sources of the...
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Recettes fiscales

Les recettes fiscales sont les recettes provenant des impôts sur le revenu et les bénéfices, des cotisations de sécurité sociale, des taxes prélevées sur les biens et les services, des prélèvements sur les salaires, des impôts sur le patrimoine et...
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