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  • Perspectives régionales de l'OCDE 2023

    Ce rapport, Perspectives régionales 2023 – Une géographie persistante des inégalités, apporte des éléments nouveaux sur l'évolution des inégalités entre les régions de l'OCDE dans plusieurs domaines (notamment les revenus et l'accès aux services) au...

  • Performance-Informed Budgeting in Flanders, Belgium

    This report takes stock of performance-informed budgeting practices in Flanders. It provides an assessment of their key strengths and highlights where improvements can be made. Finally, it includes recommendations to further strengthen the approach...

  • Tendances de l’OCDE sur la concurrence 2024 (version abrégée)

    L'édition 2024 du rapport "Tendances de la concurrence de l'OCDE" met en lumière les tendances mondiales en matière d'application des règles de concurrence au cours de l'année 2022, sur la base de 77 juridictions. Comme pour les éditions précédentes,...

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OECD iLibrary News

OECD now preserved on CLOCKSS and LOCKSS

January 2024 - OECD is working with both CLOCKSS and the Global LOCKSS Network to ensure the long-term preservation of its books, journals, datasets and working papers. Having been publishing since its inception in 1961, the catalogue being archived currently contains nearly 27,000 items found on OECD iLibrary. This content will now be accessible for future users long after the platform ceases to exist.

Changes to OECD statistics offer

January 2024 - OECD statistical databases are being migrated to a new platform, the OECD Data Explorer, but will continue to be available via OECD iLibrary. Due to this migration, CSV archive files of the databases will no longer be created, although past archive files will continue to be available. A number of statistical periodicals (PDF files) also have been discontinued; past issues remain available on OECD iLibrary.

IEA Statistics discontinued on OECD iLibrary

January 2024 - The statistical databases of the IEA will no longer be updated on OECD iLibrary. Previous subscribers to IEA Statistics may still access the archive versions.

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