Teaching for the Future

Global Engagement, Sustainability and Digital Skills

Global education systems face an array of huge challenges, including question marks over how to remain relevant in a fast-changing world. This report Teaching for the Future: Global Engagement, Sustainability and Digital Skills outlines the challenges and key trends for teaching and schools, and sets out ambitious proposals to improve education standards to ensure learning caters to the needs of all students regardless of background. The report was used as the basis to launch discussions about the state of global education at the International Summit on the Teaching Profession held in Washington D.C., April 2023. The summit brought together education ministers, union leaders and other representatives from the teaching profession from high-performing and improving education systems to review the quality of teaching and learning across the world. Topics discussed included the future of learning and ways to radically reimagine how education systems function in the decades to come; analysis of how to attract and support the development of high-quality teachers and teaching practices in the age of digitalisation; and ways to support the teaching of global competencies in schools, and how to promote equitable and inclusive learning environments for all.

26 Apr 2023 78 pages English

https://doi.org/10.1787/d6b3d234-en 9789264421462 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD