OECD Policy Responses on the Impacts of the War in Ukraine

This series compiles data, analysis and policy recommendations on the range of impacts and consequences related to the war in Ukraine, on the economy, refugees/migratory flows, energy, commodities, and more. The series aims to inform and support policy makers in their immediate response to the crisis in the early phases of the conflict, and inform longer-term domestic reconstruction and global-recovery efforts as the situation evolves.

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Disinformation and Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine

Threats and governance responses

This paper provides an overview of how the Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine illustrates immediate threats posed by disinformation, as well as governance responses to countering it. It focuses on disinformation in relation to the Russian armed aggression of Ukraine, including actors, tools and narratives used to justify the invasion and maintain support for the war. The paper also identifies government efforts to counter the spread of disinformation, including efforts to ensure the spread of accurate content, promote international co-operation, and support civil society and media actors to build resilience to the spread of false and misleading content.

English Also available in: Japanese

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