OECD Skills Strategy Ireland

Assessment and Recommendations

image of OECD Skills Strategy Ireland

Skills are the key to shaping a better future and central to the capacity of countries and people to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing world. Megatrends such as digitalisation, globalisation, demographic change and climate change are reshaping work and society, generating a growing demand for higher levels and new sets of skills.

OECD Skills Strategy projects provide a strategic and comprehensive approach to assess countries’ skills challenges and opportunities and help them build more effective skills systems. The OECD works collaboratively with countries to develop policy responses that are tailored to each country’s specific skills needs. The foundation of this approach is the OECD Skills Strategy Framework, which allows for an exploration of what countries can do better to: 1) develop relevant skills over the life course; 2) use skills effectively in work and in society; and 3) strengthen the governance of the skills system.

This report, OECD Skills Strategy Ireland: Assessment and Recommendations, identifies opportunities and makes recommendations to secure a balance in skills, foster greater participation in lifelong learning, leverage skills to drive innovation and improve firm performance, and strengthen skills governance to build a joined-up skills ecosystem in Ireland.


Strengthening skills governance to build a joined-up skills ecosystem in Ireland

Well-functioning skills governance arrangements are the bedrock of a “joined-up” skills ecosystem, where skills policy design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation are impactful, mutually reinforcing and rooted in an extensive and robust evidence base. The complexity associated with skills policies, compounded by the uncertain and rapidly changing environment in which skills policy decisions are made, makes strong skills governance essential. This chapter explores three opportunities for strengthening skills governance to build a joined-up skills ecosystem in Ireland: 1) promoting a whole-of-government and strategic approach to skills policy; 2) supporting effective engagement with stakeholders throughout the skills policy cycle; and 3) strengthening the collection, exchange and use of skills information.



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