Education in Brazil

An International Perspective

image of Education in Brazil

The Education in Brazil: An International Perspective report was developed drawing on internationally comparative data on education in Brazil, in particular the extensive range of data collected by the OECD through its surveys. The experiences of other countries and how they have tackled challenges similar to those now faced by Brazil, along with the insights from consultations with key national experts, also inform the analysis. The report benchmarks with OECD and a set of comparator emerging economies the whole education system from early childhood education and care to tertiary education, focusing on:

  • Access and participation
  • Learning and labour market outcomes
  • The allocation, use and efficiency of financial, human and material resources
  • School leaders, teachers and teaching
  • The school climate and student well-being

The report highlights the many strengths of Brazil’s education system, identifies the main challenges ahead and offers policy implications for the future.


Disciplinary climate, PISA 2018

Percentage of students who report lack of disciplinary climate in every or most language-of-instruction lessons. In parenthesis the index of disciplinary climate.


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