Higher Education Management and Policy


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Previously published as Higher Education Management.  The Journal of the Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education.

The Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education - IMHE was established within the framework of the OECD at the height of the period of expansion of higher education. Since 1969, IMHE has monitored developments in higher education during the periods of growth, retrenchment and reassessment. As the issues of quality assurance, human resources, funding and internationalisation move even more into the forefront of debate because of the massification and heterogeneisation of the student population, IMHE assists institutions, ministries and governments, through the sharing of information, experiences and expertise, in addressing these new challenges. IMHE membership includes institutions, government agencies and nonprofit organisations dealing with issues in higher education management.

This journal addresses administrators and managers of institutions of higher education and researchers in the field of institutional management. It covers the field of institutional management through articles and reports on research projects, and provides a source of information on activities and events organised by OECD's IMHE.

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