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World Energy Outlook 2015 Click to Access:
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This report presents updated projections for the evolution of the global energy system to 2040, based on the latest data and market development and it also gives detailed insights on several topical issues.
Assessing Options to Increase Climate Support Click to Access:
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Climate support will be an important element in reaching a post-2020 climate agreement at COP 21 in December 2015. To further increase and mobilise the levels of climate support post-2020, a number of proposals have been made in the negotiating text produced in the Geneva session of the Ad-hoc...


Primary energy supply Click to Access:
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Primary energy supply is defined as energy production plus energy imports, minus energy exports, minus international bunkers, then plus or minus stock changes.
Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2015 Click to Access:
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Renewable sources of energy now stand poised to lead the world in new electricity supply. Supported by policies aimed at enhancing energy security and sustainability, renewable power expanded at its fastest rate to date in 2014 and now represents...
Overview of INDCs Submitted by 31 August 2015 Click to Access:
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In 2015, Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) communicated their Intended Nationally-Determined Contributions (INDCs) for the Paris climate agreement. This publication summarises the key information communicated in the mitigation components of INDCs that...

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Thematic Video on Energy

Did you know that at current rates the world will need nearly 50% more energy by 2035 and 96% of this new demand will come from the countries outside the OECD ?