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Africa Energy Outlook Click to Access:
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Sub-Saharan Africa' s energy sector can be improved to unlock a better life for its citizens. This report describes one of the most poorly understood parts of the global energy system, offers an authoritative study of its future prospects - broken ...
Taxing the Rent of Non-Renewable Resource Sectors Click to Access:
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This study analyses the economic rent generated by the exploitation of a non-renewable resource, and the taxation of this rent. We present a synthetic model of a non-renewable-resource sector where deposits must be costly developed before they are exploited; the analysis emphasizes the effect...


Primary energy supply Click to Access:
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Primary energy supply is defined as energy production plus energy imports, minus energy exports, minus international bunkers, then plus or minus stock changes.
Energy Efficiency Market Report 2014 Click to Access:
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This report includes an in-depth look at energy efficiency developments in the transport sector and in finance, as well as reviews of national energy efficiency market developments in various jurisdictions around the world, including Canada, China,...
Productivity Measurement with Natural Capital and Bad Outputs Click to Access:
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This paper presents a productivity growth measure that explicitly accounts for natural capital as an input factor and for undesirable goods, or "bads", as an output of the production process. The discussion focuses on the extension of productivity measurement for bad outputs and estimates of...

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Thematic Video on Energy

Did you know that at current rates the world will need nearly 50% more energy by 2035 and 96% of this new demand will come from the countries outside the OECD ?