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Revenue Statistics in Latin America 2014 Click to Access:
This book provide internationally comparable data on tax levels and tax structures for a selection of Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries.
Country review of Argentina Click to Access:
The Inter-American Development Bank and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development co-operate in competition law and policy to promote increased economic growth, employment and economic efficiency and a higher average standard of ...


Taxes on corporate income Click to Access:
This table includes taxes on corporate income as a percentage of GDP. The table is part of the key table collection on tax.
Revenue Statistics 2013 Click to Access:
This annual publication presents a unique set of detailed and internationally comparable tax data in a common format for all OECD countries from 1965 onwards.
Valuation and Assessment of Immovable Property Click to Access:
This paper addresses the following questions about immovable property taxation in OECD and partner countries: What is valued? How is it valued? And who values? It draws on published information and data on property tax policy and administration in 172 countries. It focuses on value-based taxes...

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Thematic Video on Taxation

Did you know that in 28 of the 32 OECD countries with VAT, the tax accounts for than 15% of total taxation?