Video: Getting stronger but tensions are rising

Press Conference for OECD Economic Outlook: Interim Report - 13 March 2018

OECD sees stronger world economy, but tensions are rising - OECD

The OECD Interim Economic Outlook presents the OECD's latest forecasts for GDP growth for 2018 and 2019, covering all G20 economies. The OECD projects that the global economy will grow by 3.9 percent in both 2018 and 2019. This reflects a slight improvement since the previous Economic Outlook in November 2017. Trade and private investment have bounced back and job creation is strong. Inflation is set to rise slowly. However, new tensions and key vulnerabilities could derail the recovery. The Outlook underlines a range of policies that would help to sustain medium-term growth and ensure its benefits are widely shared.

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OECD Economic Outlook, Interim Report March 2018

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