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For Users and Researchers

For Librarians and Subscription Managers

  • User Guide (English) 
  • User Guide (Japanese) 
  • Using OECD Statistical Databases and OECD.Stat (pdf)
  • Registration management instructions (pdf)
  • MARC records - Feature Notes (pdf)
  • COUNTER Usage statistics - Feature Notes (pdf)
  • COUNTER Usage statistics - FAQs (pdf)
  • January 2018 DOI Listing for Products, Serials and Books (zip)
  • KBART Phase 1 Metadata for OECD Titlles - 2018-01-09 (zip)
  • Subscription Information: 
  • Information about ordering subscriptions including prices
  • Video Tutorials

    Instructions and Guidelines

  • Video: Introduction to OECD iLibrary Youtube Icon
  • Video: Working with Statistics on OECD iLibrary Youtube Icon
  • Video: Navigating OECD iLibrary Youtube Icon
  • Video: Einführung in die OECD iLibrary Youtube Icon
  • Video: OECD iLibraryの紹介 Youtube Icon
  • Video: OECD iLibrary 소개 동영상  Youtube Icon
  • Video: Введение в библиотеку ОЭСР (OECD iLibrary) Youtube Icon
  • Video: OECD iLibrary 統計データの見つけ方 Youtube Icon
  • Video: OECD iLibrary를 통한 자료검색방법  Youtube Icon
  • Video: Feature Explained: My Marked List Youtube Icon
  • If your institution is interested in web-based training please contact us for details and scheduling.
  • Discovery Services:
  • EBSCO Discovery Services for OECD iLibrary (pdf) 
  • WorldCat Discovery Services for OECD iLibrary (pdf)
  • Summon Discovery Services for OECD iLibrary (pdf)
  • Primo Central Discovery Services for OECD iLibrary (pdf) 
  • Proxy Server Set up:
  • Instructions for EZ-Proxy use for OECD iLibrary Updated 23 August 2017 (pdf).
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