Well-being in Danish Cities

image of Well-being in Danish Cities

The report provides a comprehensive picture of well-being in the major Danish cities, by looking at a wide range of dimensions that shape people’s lives.  It contains both objective and subjective indicators meant to help policy makers, citizens and other stakeholders to better understand living conditions not only among cities but also among the different neighbourhoods within cities. This information can help policy makers build a development strategy based on well-being metrics, and choose the courses of action that will make the most difference in people’s lives.




Individuals’ material conditions and quality of life and the cohesiveness of communities in the present and in the future are in part shaped by the circumstances experienced in the place where people live. Well-being indicators are an important tool for government at different scales to identify the needs of citizens and the policy domains where the demand for progress is the greatest. They are also instruments to raise awareness among citizens on the living conditions in their communities, foster their participation in the public debate and, ultimately, build trust in government.


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